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AviiNL's Windows 8 (9200) KMS Activation Tool v2

AviiNL's Windows 8 (9200) KMS Activation Tool v2

AviiNL's Windows 8 (9200) KMS Activation Tool

I have made a simple console application using C# that helped me activated windows just now. This application is written using Windows 8 (9200) Enterprise x64 but should also work on x86 (32bit)It probably won't work in Windows 8 Pro (MCE) as personally I don't use it and have no need for it Maybe I will implement support for Pro later when KMS activation becomes possible for it.

- Add known KMS servers to servers.txt
-- 1 server per line
-- port is optional (unless differs from default port)
- Run ActivateWindows.exe

What it does
When running ActivatioWindows.exe it will scan servers.txt for servers (online or offline, does not matter)
The point of this program is attempting to activate windows with all servers listed in servers.txt untill windows is activated
When it can't activate with any of the servers in the list, it will try again after 1 minute in case one of the servers come back online

I activated windows using this tool after setting my dns settings to google.
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
No, I am not going to explain how to do this, use google.

Windows activated using the first host in servers.txt after a couple of tries.
If it does not work instantly, leave the app running for a while until it says:
Windows is activated.v Edit: Updated version, read readme for patch notes.

Please note that i can not guarantee that it works, as it uses KMS hosts that have the possibility to go offline.
Hence the function to add your own KMS hosts in servers.txt..
Search on this forum for an up to date KMS server to use.
Most important of all: HAVE PATIENCE.

Edit2: Rewritten the entire program, it SHOULD work now..
Please report any issues you might encounter.

Also added source code for the people that find that interesting (C#)

If you can not activate it with this tool, the server might be offline or you do not have IPv6
Check other topics on how to get an IPv6 tunnel for activation using gogoclient (if i recall the name correctly)

Kind regards,


Download W8.9200.KMSAcv.rar (226 KB)

Download W8.9200.KMSAcv.rar (226 KB)

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